• 1What does the afterschool program tuition include?

    The tuition includes registration.

  • 2What is the material fee?

    The material fee enables your child to take their creations home at the conclusion of the program. This fee is due at the time of registration.

  • 3What are the methods of enrollment?

    You can enroll online by clicking on the register button located at the bottom of each project description page, by phone, or in person at InnovEd.

  • 4When is the deadline for registration?

    The registration deadline for Spring Semester will be one week before the start of the class.

  • 5How will I be charged for the tuition?

    The duration of each project varies.  We offer 5 weeks, 8 weeks( 2 months) and 12 weeks (3 months) and semester long projects. During each project, the tuition is paid in monthly installments. After the initial payment upon registration, your credit card will be automatically charged for the remaining installments. If you are  not satisfied with our services and wish to discontinue, we must be notified by the 15th of the month.

  • 6What is your cancellation and schedule change policy?

    There will be a $75 charge for cancelling any classes. The deadline to receive a partial refund is two weeks prior to the start of the class. No refund will be given after. You can change classes at no cost one week prior to the start of the class, if spaces are available.

    For more information contact us at  559.321.8434.

  • 7Can I use Inspire or Summit or Compass Charter funds for the program?

    Yes, you may use Inspire Charter School, Summit Academy, and Compass Charter School funds for the programs.  Please call Innoved for more information about the enrollment process.

  • 8What time does each class start and end?

    Each class time varies. Please see the description for each class for the start and end time.  Students can arrive as early as 3:00 pm (at no extra charge) and must be picked up by ending time.


  • 9Is early drop off an option?

    At no extra charge, you can drop off your child as early as 3 pm. We provide a safe space for our students to work on their homework prior to the start of their class.

  • 10What is the minimum enrollment to hold the class?

    To hold classes, there must be a minimum of 10 enrollments.  We reserve the right to cancel classes if the minimum enrollment is not met.

  • 11What if my child misses a class?

    Please call us to schedule a make up session.

  • 12Can I see what my child has created?

    Yes! Upon the completion of the class, your child will have the opportunity to present his/her creations at our showcase event. Your are welcome to invite other friends and family members to attend this event.

  • 13What does my child need to bring?

    Your child only needs to bring their notebook to take notes. All the learning materials will be provided by InnovEd.

  • 14Who are the instructors?

    All instructors are experience teachers or technology/engineering industry professionals. Please click here to meet the team.

  • 15What is the structure of your classrooms?

    All of our classes are designed to accommodate group collaboration. Each staff members will work closely with groups of only 6-8 students.

  • 16What should my child wear?

    Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. For your child’s safety, closed toe shoes are highly recommended.

  • 17What is your grade level policy?

    Our grade levels are simply a suggestion. As a parent, you can make the final decision as to which program best suits your child.

  • 18Does my child need to be tech savvy?

    No they do not. We are prepared  to engage the novice as well as challenge the techies to explore and learn.

  • 19Who do I inform about my child's allergies or special needs?

    At the time of registration, you can share your child’s allergies or special needs with us. If you wish, you can also call us at 559-321-8434.

  • 20What are the costs & benefits of being a member at InnovEd?

    Your lifetime membership cost is $200 per student. Membership benefits include discounts for afterschool programs, summer camps, competitions, and any other special events held at InnovEd.

  • 21How many different sessions do you offer during the calendar year?

    Fall Session: Oct – Dec 2017

    Thanksgiving Break Camp: TBD

    Winter Camp: TBD

    Spring Session: Jan 8 – May 31st

    2018 Spring break: Mar 26 – 30th, classes will resume week of Apr 2nd.

    Spring Break Camp: TBD

    Summer Session: Week long camps will begin June 25th – August 17th, 2018


  • 22What if my child's class falls on a national holiday?

    If the scheduled class falls on a national holiday, we will hold that class the following Friday of that week. A reminder email will also be sent out to the parents.