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    Meet the Instructor

    Cate Dossetti is a passionate English teacher and curriculum developer, who fully understands the impact and importance of strong writing skills. A bachelors degree from Smith College in English Literature, and a masters degree from Stanford University in Education, has enabled Cate to prepare her students for the rigor of the academics and the demands of college. In her seventeen years of teaching English with a focus on writing, she has worked diligently to ensure that her students gain the necessary skills to be ready for life after high school. She believes that great writing and critical thinking skills are crucial to becoming a productive member of society. She Creates opportunities for her students to develop a talent for writing in fun and engaging ways. Through her work with student she hopes to develop critical thinkers who are confident in their abilities, persistent in their efforts, and are continually reflective.

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    Personal Statement Writer’s Workshop for College Bound Seniors

    Rising 12th Grade Students
    Jul 31st - Aug 4th
    4:30pm - 6:30pm

    A dynamic personal statement is a gateway into the college of your dreams. In this one- week, intensive writing workshop, students will write and polish several adaptable personal statements while learning how to revise their work for clarity, coherence and consistency. They will learn valuable collaboration and writing skills, which will help them now and throughout their college years. The instructor will provide individualized, constructive feedback about their writing throughout the process in order to ensure that all students create an engaging personal statement.


    Day One: Response to Text

    Lesson: Clichés and Other Traps
    Lesson: Becoming the Hero of Your Own Narrative

    Homework Day 1: Generating Ideas through Lists and Questions

    Day Two: Drafting a Response

    Lesson: Effective Beginnings.
    Lesson: Picking a Moment, not a Memory

    Homework Day Two: Choose one piece to expand into a 500-word response

    Day Three: It’s about You

    Lesson: Keeping the focus Tight and Bright.
    Lesson: Does it sound like you?

    Homework Day Three: Expand another beginning into a 500-word response.

    Day Four: Thesauruses and Other Dilemmas

    Lesson: Trying too hard
    Lesson: Making it shine

    Homework Day Four: Expand another to 500 words. Choose one piece to polish and prepare for publication.

    Day Five: Putting your best foot forward

    This day is focused on individual needs of each student. By the end of the last session, the participants will have three polished pieces to serve as guides and several other pieces in draft.

    We will have 8 Saturday workshops through out the year to continue supporting your student through out this process.

    Personal Statement Writing Class: $495 (members)|$515 (non-members)
    Life-Time Family Membership $100 | To purchase click here

    Jul 31 - Aug 4