• Preschool Enrichment
    Tuesdays Mar 6th – May 29th 2018

    Dr. Ellie Honardoost is a passionate educator who believes that early engagement is the key to helping children develop their passions and skills to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our Pre-school Enrichment Program is designed to do exactly that. Our commitment is to engage young minds in learning math, science, and engineering practices in a hands-on manner. We aim to leverage their natural curiosity and creativity as a platform to build a solid foundation for their educational journey. Dr. H has spent over 20 years in the field of education and has gained a deep understanding of Project Based Learning. Her goal is to utilize her experience and research to offer your children the best nurturing learning environment that will inspire them as they begin their formal education.

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    *The program accepts only 10 students per semester.